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  Ms. Vanessa Fisher
Welcome to Ms. Fisher's Page
About Ms. Fisher
Hello! I am a 1999 graduate of MHS, and this will be my 4th year teaching school. I have 2 children, Kobe and Kiya, that attend Mayfield Elementary School. I graduated from Murray State University with a Bacelor of Science in Business in 2004.  I went back to school for my teaching certificate in 2007.  I am also one of the Student Council sponsors and one of the girl's assistant basketball coach at MHS.     
Daily Schedule
1st period:  Algebra II

2nd period:  Success Lab

3rd period:  Pre-AP Algebra II

4th period:  Pre-AP Algebra II

5th period:  Pre-Calculus

6th period:  Planning

7th period:  Pre-Calculus

Class News/Notes for Parents
Period 1:  
Period 2:  
Period 3:  
Period 4:
Period 5:  
Period 6:  
Period 7:

All homework assignments count 10 points.  As stated on my "Class Expectations" sheet that you signed in August, I do NOT accept late homework!  However, I will drop one homework grade for each 9-week grading period.

Each class has "Bell Ringers" and Exit Slips" that count for 10 points each week. 

There will be periodic quizzes that will count 30-40 points. These quizzes will normally be announced ahead of time.

Chapter tests will count 100 points each.  

Web Resources
Algebra 1 & 2 Textbook wesite:

To check grades in Infite Campus, go to
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