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About Mrs. Strickland
Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I am always available should you have any questions or concerns. If you need to contact me it is best to try email first at but please feel free to contact me at school and I will be happy to return your call. I am in my 3rd year of teaching at Mayfield High School. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minor in social science from the University of Kentucky. I earned my teaching certification for grades 8-12 in Social Studies from Murray State University. Prior to becoming a teacher, I had a 12 year career in restaurant operations working most recently with TGI Friday’s corporation. My varied job experience allows me to bring real life examples to the classroom in the Integrated Social Studies class that teaches government and economics to juniors. I truly enjoy teaching at Mayfield High School. It is an exceptional place, with caring staff and great students! I teach a number of different classes and have provided a short description of each. In all of the courses it is my hope to teach each subject using wide variety of teaching aids, technology and strategies to engage students in active learning. I also strive to meet the diverse learning needs of students and create a classroom climate that is conducive to learning but also fun! In short, I want students to want come to class. I have high expectations of students and am committed to helping each achieve success. 
U.S. History and World History
Studying history engages students in the lives, aspirations, struggles, accomplishments and failures of real people. Students need to think in an historical context in order to understand significant ideas, beliefs, themes, patterns and events, and how individuals and societies have changed over time in Kentucky, the United States and the World.
Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Students learn the basic ideas of psychology and how they apply to the everyday life of the individual. Through class discussion, projects, individual study and group work, the students are presented with problems and situations faced by average citizens. The students are required and encouraged to find alternate solutions for dealing with problems.
Economics is the study of how people produce, distribute and consume goods and services. Different economic systems are studied with a brief history of the American economic system.
Government is the study of  basic structures of government and institutions. The relationship of power and decision-making are examined through the study of the Constitution, the amendments, Kentucky Constitution and other historical documents.
Daily Schedule
Period 1:  World History
Period 2:  Integrated Social Studies
Period 3:  U.S. History
Period 4:  Planning
Period 5:  Pyschology/Minority Studies
Period 6:  Integrated Social Studies
Period 7: Drama
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