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1st Period: Planning
  2nd Period: 6th Grade Social Studies 
   3rd Period:  6th Grade Social Studies  
4th Period: 6th Grade Social Studies
5th Period: 6th Grade Social Studies
   6th Period:   7th Grade SS Enrichment
7th Period: 6th Grade Social Studies

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  Infinite Campus Parent Portal

The above link is for a new & exciting tool we have this year in our classroom.  The point of this free service to extend our classroom projects, conversations outside of the classroom.  Frequently we will have class discussions that will solely take place in on our classroom's page.  The set of this site is very user friendly, it is set up to resemble facebook in almost every way.  Each student has a unique username as well as password that only they know.  For parents, Edmodo offers a "mirror" site of our classroom's page that will allow to see everything your child is doing in class as well as a way to print out valuable information such as study guides, missing assignments & links to practice tests & other information for your student.

Parents who want to join the mirror site simply email me & I will provide your child's code that will then allow to join the site & take an active role in your student's social studies class.

7th Grade Social Studies Enrichment: World Geography Course Description
The goal of World Geography is to help students understand that the world, in all its diversity , still conforms to certain systems and can be looked at, compared, analyzed, and evaluated through those systems.  The five themes of place, location, movement, region, and human environmental interactions can be applied across the globe.  In addition, when uysed with proper geography skills will allow for today's students to be better global citizens tomorrow.

6th Grade World History Course Description
The main focus of 6th grade social studies is on ancient cultures & civilizations.  Students will begin the year studying the peoples of the Paleolithic & Neolithic era, early domestication of animals, & the beginnings of agriculture.  Major civilizations that are covered include Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, & ending with the fall of the Roman Empire.

Please click on the above book to go to the online home of our textbook.


 World Geography Study Aids
Geography Glossary
Family of Countries
Map Types
Exploring the World
National Geographic Maps
Longitude & Latitude Locator
 6th Grade Social Studies Areas of Study
The following links are to the website This is a child friendly site for all of your history questions.  I feel this site is a very helpful tool for all of my students to better grasp the information from each area of study in my class.
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Ancient Egypt
Ancient China
Ancient India
Medieval Europe
 World Religion Areas of Study
The following links are provided by the United Religions Initiative for more information please click the link.
Web Resources
This day in History  This website is run by the history channel, and is a allows students to see what historical events happened on any given day.  
World Atlas  The world atlas is a great resource for all of my students not just the 6th grader's studying geography!
Brain Pop   This site is password protected.  To access the username and password of this site please me email me at the address below.
iCivics This website is a great resource for intersting activites and projects pertaining to anything and everything civics related.
Biography:  A cool site provided by A&E that provides the biographies of over 15,000 famous people.
The Avalon Project: Site provided by Yale Law School that has thousands of documents dealing with law, history, and other subjects.
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