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Attendance Awards

The office of the Director of Pupil Personnel promotes awards for attendance in the following ways:


  • Attendance certificates are awarded to students who have perfect attendance for the entire year in the Mayfield Independent School system.
  • Attendance plaques are presented to students at Mayfield High School for 4 years of perfect attendance, at Mayfield Middle for 3 years, and at Mayfield Elementary.
  • A large clock plaque is given to graduating seniors at Mayfield High School if they have perfect attendance for 12 years or for K through 12 if they have perfect attendance in kindergarten.
  • Each attendance month, all perfect attendance students are grouped together and a winner is drawn at each school.  These students receive a $50.00 attendance award.  In addition, the school with the best attendance for each month wins a $150 attendance award.
  • Businesses wishing to donate incentives may call the schools directly or contact the Director of Pupil Personnel at 270-247-3868.  Participation is greatly apprectiated.
  • Schools may provide pizza parties, t-shirts, class trips and other prizes as incentives for students to strive for excellent attendance.