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Mayfield Independent Covid-19 Data

Letter from the Superintendent
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hello families! We are excited to have you and your children in the Mayfield Independent School District and we hope the rest of this school year will be a great one.
We wanted to let you know we have been working with the Kentucky Department of Education and our partners in public health to make sure the schools remain a safe place for your student(s) the rest of the year.

We do need your help. Many parents may not be aware of a Kentucky law in place since 2007 that requires parents to inform their child’s school if their student has a communicable disease that could place other students and school staff at risk for infection. While that usually involves things like chicken pox, state public health regulations have been updated to include COVID-19 as one of those communicable diseases.

If your student tests positive for COVID-19 at any time, please immediately report it to the school your child attends (Mayfield Elementary 247-8696, Mayfield Middle 247-7521 or Mayfield High 247-4461). Notification that a student tests positive is important so that we can take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading among students and staff.

To allow us to best meet the educational needs of your student, please immediately let us know if your child has been placed in quarantine due to COVID-19 so we can work with you to provide remote learning opportunities to prevent learning loss for your student while he/she is quarantined. We are happy to assist with remote learning opportunities and other services that may be available during this time.

We hope your family remains safe and illness free. Please contact us with any questions.
Joe Henderson, Superintendent
Daily Updates
The Mayfield Independent School District will be sharing information daily regarding students and staff across the district who have either tested positive and are currently isolated or who have been exposed and are currently quarantined as the result of contact tracing.  No names will be provided.  Only numbers and school sites will be released.
The school district has received this information from the Graves County Health Department (GCHD).  The GCHD is handling all case investigation and contact tracing.  The individuals who meet the criteria of a close contact will be contacted by GCHD and/or school personnel receive instructions.  We will continue to work closely with the health department and take the recommended steps to ensure the safety of all faculty and students.  If you have questions, please contact GCHD or go to for more information.