MES-School Safety Week

MES-School Safety Week

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School Safety Week (Oct 21-25) Dress up days:
• Monday: “Jersey/Team Day” – Students and staff wear their favorite team
jersey or shirt to show that just like our favorite teams, we are all stronger when
we work together.
• Tuesday: “Pajama Day” – Students and staff can wear their favorite pajamas
because our pajamas feel awesome. We can rest easy knowing everything is being
done to make our schools safe.
• Wednesday: “Book Character Day” – Students and staff can dress up like their
favorite book character. This allows students to connect Book Fair week to School
Safety week and to acknowledge that reading brings knowledge and builds our
brain to act in the safest and kindest ways.
• Thursday: “Silly Sock Day” – Students should wear their favorite silly socks to help
remind them that it is okay to be different. We should realize that others are
different just like our socks, but they both achieve the same purpose.
• Friday: “Extra School Spirit Day” – As a school we all unite against the problem
and wear our school colors today to show that we are all in agreement and are
stronger together.

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