History and Timeline

This information is a work in progress at all times! If you have any information that would be helpful to us in collecting documentation about our district's history, please contact Cheri Gossett at 270-247-8299.


Mayfield Independent City School District was established on July 1, 1908 with the selection and meeting of its first Board Members, organized by Mr. W.J. Webb.
The first official school year as an independent school district was the 1908-1909 school year.
Schools and their locations at this time were as follows:
Mayfield High School Location: West Walnut Street School Opened Sept. 1908
Dunbar School Location in a home on Water Street (exact address unknown)  
Old W KY College Location: 112 West College (Current location of Mayfield Middle) Mayfield purchased the Old West KY College so that it would not be in competition with the high school. It was owned by the Christian Churches.
West Ward Location: West Broadway  
South Ward Location: Water Street (Between 8th and 9th)  
North Ward Location: North 6th Street (Near Maplewood Cemetary)  
The three “graded wards” were built in 1909 at a cost of $3,500 each. Each one was two story, with eight classrooms, an office and two playrooms in the basement.
Mayfield High School: Moved to Old W KY College Bldng.
West Ward: Washington Location: 1201 W Broadway (behind current building of the old Sparks Elementary School)
South Ward: Longfellow Location: 112 West College (MMS West Parking Lot)
North Ward: Lee Location: Corner of 5th and Indiana Streets

In these grade schools, grades 1-4 were on the first floor; grades 5-6, the library and the kitchen were on the second floor.

These schools were eventually torn down in the early 70’s.
The Mayfield Jaycees took bricks from the old Longfellow school and used them in the building of the concession stand at the fairgrounds.

The new Dunbar school was constructed in the south-west part of town (on the lot where the bus garage is today).
This was a two story brick building with the elementary school on the lower level and the high school upstairs.
A new stadium was built behind the high school and dedicated on Nov. 6, 1925 at the Madisonville/Mayfield Game.
Up to this point, games were played at Cyclone Park, which was in the far north corner of what we now know as Maplewood Cemetery.
W.J. Webb Jr. High School Constructed at 112 West College Street. 
T.P. Smith Auditorium and Gymnasium was constructed on South 12th Street by the Dunbar School.
The front section (offices and gym when closed) of Washington Elementary (now Sparks—1201 West Broadway) was constructed.
East College, Longfellow and Lee Street schools (current buildings) were constructed.
Old Longfellow School (on current MMS campus) was called the Wells building and turned into the Band Building for the High School
The addition of the wing of Washington/Sparks that was closest to 18th street was added
East College added PreSchool wing
Longfellow added 3rd grade wing
Dunbar was closed and schools were integrated, by court order.
Early 70’s

Old buildings from 1909 were torn down. Bricks from the old Longfellow school (the one on College Street) were used to build the concession stand at the fairgrounds.

Mayfield High School moved to the new (and current) building and Mayfield Middle School began in the old Webb building.
Ray Warmath was the first principal of MMS.
Washington students were moved to Lee Street School while the library and wing that had “pod” classrooms was built.
Late 70's
Longfellow added 1st grade wing.
Lee Street School was shut down and all students were moved to Washington Elementary.
Lee Street School building was sold to West KY Allied Services.
Beverly Fulks (held Instructional Supervisor position before Leanna Austin) played a major role in reorganizing the city schools so that each building held defined graded levels (East College-preschool/kindergarten; Longfellow-1st-3rd grade; Washington/Sparks-4th-5th grade)
Current MMS building was constructed and opened. All that remained of old building and was remodeled was gym, auditorium and basement.
Washington Elementary was renamed Sparks Elementary after Don W. Sparks, retired Superintendent.
East College, Longfellow and Sparks Elementary are consolidated into Mayfield Elementary Location:1004 Backusburg Road .
We started moving in on August 3rd, 2005.  Students served are grades PreK-5th
A "wing" addition was built on to the back of Mayfield Middle School for the 5th grade. MMS began housing students in grades 5th-8th
and MES began housing students in grades PreK-4th.
March 2020 renovation starts on Mayfield High School; 3 months ahead of schedule due to the school closures that were mandated because of CoVid-19 Pandemic. Renovations aren't completed until the 2023-2024 school year.
December 10, 2021 a tornado devastates Mayfield and destroys the Bus Garage/Old Dunbar School.  The bus garage is temporarily moved to an old automotive repair shop on Highway 45 North until decisions can be made on rebuilding.
February 2022 the decision is made to rebuild the bus garage on Commerce Drive, a closer proximity to the schools.
March 2023 the decision is made to add two more classrooms to Mayfield Middle School, as well as to enclose the porch to add additional office space and security measures for entry into the school.
January 2024 renovations on MMS are completed (two new classrooms, additional security features, more office space)
January 2024 the old Sparks Elementary School building was demolished, leaving a vacant lot
Name Timeline
A. C. Burton 1908-1913
M.Faughender 1913-1917
R.L. Lector 1917-1918
G. A. Young 1918-1919
D.W. Bridges 1919-1927
Kenneth R. Patterson 1927-
Charles I. Henry 1940-1945
J.O. Lewis 1945-1949
J. Marvin Glenn 1959-1964
J.C. Maddox 1964-1970
Don W. Sparks 1970-1994
Lonnie J. Burgett 1994-2015
Joe S. Henderson 2015-Present



North Ward/Lee Street  
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Kitty Andrus Timeline:1927-1928
Jewel Hollifield Timeline:1958-1974
South Ward/Longfellow  
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Hattie Veal Timeline:1927-1959
Lucien Smith Timeline:1938-1950
Cleo B. Hendon Timeline:1956-1968
Max Workman Timeline:
Elsie Jones Timeline:
Ruth Carneal Timeline:
Cheryl Gilliam Timeline:
West Ward/Washington/Sparks  
C.L. Spears Timeline:1908-
Amy Orr Timeline:1927-1942
Jimmie Collie Timeline:1949-1951
Jewel Hollifield Timeline:1951-
Elizabeth Wyatt Timeline:1959-1960
Rex Smith Timeline:1967-1988
Bobby McClain Timeline:
Phillip Forester Timeline:
Jeff Hill Timeline:
East College  
Hattie Veal Timeline:1956-1957
Elizabeth Wyatt Timeline:
Jimmy Cagle Timeline:
Bobby McClain Timeline:
Phillip Forester Timeline:
Beverly Offutt Timeline:
Mayfield Elementary  
Jeff Hill Timeline:2005-2017
Heather Dublin Timeline: 2017-Present
W.J. Webb Jr. High School  
O.A. Mitchell Timeline:1956-1957
Bob Pay Timeline:1957-1961
Mayfield Middle School  
Ray C. Warmath Timeline:1974-1988
James “Jim” Almand Timeline:1988-2004
Joe S. Henderson Timeline:2004-2006
Lisa Huddleston Timeline:2006-2008
Ricky Hayes Timeline:2008-2010
Kim Reed 
Kelly Stinson
Antonio Sherrill
Timeline: 2021-Present
Mayfield High School  
William Pennington Timeline:1908-1911
Charles Cannon Timeline:1911-
??? Boy Timeline:
Ray Ross Timeline:-1923
Kenneth R. Patterson Timeline:1923-1927
Ray Ross Timeline:1934-1936
J.P. Glasgow Timeline:1938-1940
C.R. Uphoff Timeline:1940-1941
S.W. Douthitt Timeline:1943-1947
Harry M. Sparks Timeline:1947-1949
Raymond Herndon Timeline:1949-1951
J.O. Lewis Timeline:1951-1953
Florence Wyman Timeline:1953-1954
Paul Craig
Bob Fiser Timeline:1957-1959
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Joe David Smith Timeline:1989-1997
Steve Traynham Timeline:1997-2005
Anthony Hatchell Timeline:2005- 2011
Don Hubbard Timeline:2011-2016
Billy Edwards Timeline:2016-Present
Dunbar School Principals  
J. B. Cooper Timeline:1908-1933
Fred Stiger Timeline:1938-1954
Unknown Timeline:1954-1966
Board Offices
First location known of was in the basement of the Whittemore apartments, which were where the Regions Bank in downtown Mayfield currently resides. It then moved to a house at 709 South 8th Street (across from the Mayfield Middle School).It now resides in the old East College school building at 914 East College Street.