Mask Requirement Update Announced

Mayfield Independent Schools will resume in person classes for all students on August 11, 2021.  We have spent several days reviewing information provided by the CDC, the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Department of Public Health to ensure we welcome our students back to a safe learning environment.  

CDC guidelines currently state that anyone who is unmasked will have to quarantine for up to fourteen days if they are exposed to the virus, unless they have been vaccinated and have no symptoms.  The cases of Covid-19 in Graves County are on the rise again. These quarantine requirements mean without the use of masks by everyone, we could potentially find ourselves having to send home large numbers of students due to exposure.  When considering the desire of the majority of our parents for their children to return to in-person instruction and the guidelines set forth by the multiple state and federal agencies mentioned above, we have decided to require everyone to wear a mask while inside our schools.  We intend to monitor the data and evaluate this decision weekly based on local Covid-19 numbers along with other information provided by the Graves County Health Department, KDPH and the CDC.  We will remove the mask requirement as soon as we can safely do so. Also remember, as previously announced, the CDC is currently mandating all students wear masks when being transported on the school bus.

We ask for your continued patience as we find ourselves in yet another very difficult decision making process. Our first priority is always to make the best decisions for our students, followed by a strong desire to accommodate the needs of our families as a whole. We believe following the guidelines to wear masks will be our best chance at keeping kids in school. We look forward to having all our students back in school next Wednesday.

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