Wilson to lead Lady Cardinals Softball

The former baseball player from Ballard County says he grew up playing baseball. He began working fast pitch softball with his wife, Amanda, a pitching coach, and fell in love with the game.  

He started coaching three years ago with Jason Jones and the Talons 07 fast pitch travel team.  On that team, he’s coached Lady Cardinals Lex Feagin, Hailee Jones, and Maddie Massey as well as his own 12-year-old  daughter, Annabella.  

Looking ahead to the 2024 fast pitch season, Wilson says it is a fresh start.   “It’s a fresh start for our program to start building it up, teaching the game to our younger girls, having our older girls lead more and lead by example.”  

Wilson added, “Honestly, I can’t wait to get started. It’s exciting.”