Mayfield Schools Implement Use of Metal Detectors

When students start back to school on Wednesday, August 9th, there will be metal detectors in place.  There are a few things school and district administration would like for parents and students to know so they can prepare for these changes.

To ensure things go effectively and efficiently please follow the steps below:

1. Walk at a slow pace
2. Stay in a single file line
3. Go through the metal detector one at a time
4. Take the following out of your backpack so it doesn’t go through the metal detector:
  • Chromebook (MES and MMS bus riders- get your chromebook out of your backpack before you get out of your seat on the bus)
  • 3 ring binders
  • Glasses cases
  • Metal Water Bottles 
  • Band Instruments
 5. Don’t try to go around the metal detector
6. Don’t bring cans of body spray/deodorant or hairspray

We ask for your patience as we work through this process.  Parents/Guardians and other visitors should also be prepared to go through the system when they come to the school for visits and/or school day events.