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Grading Standards/System

Grading Standards


The following traditional grading standards shall be adhered to for grades four through twelve:     

A 94-100 Excellent
B 86-93 Good
C 77-85


D 70-76 Poor
F 0-69  Failing
I   Incomplete











Grading standards for Accelerated and AP classes will differ.  An incomplete grade must be changed to a passing or failing grade within the next nine-week grading period.  The student is responsible for making up any work.


Grading System


Achievement:  Teachers shall maintain detailed, systematic records of achievement of each student.


Grade Reports/Progress Reports:  Grade reports will go out every nine weeks for all students. These evaluations will provide a record of academic progress as well as conduct.  Reports of unsatisfactory progress will be sent to parents midway through the nine week grading period.  Parent/Teacher conferences can be held anytime upon request.