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Every decision we make will be student centered.

All students will learn in a safe, positive and caring school climate.

All students will experience a relevant and rigorous curriculum that is focused on high achievement.

The community, parents, and schools, as a team, will be accountable for student achievement.



The mission of the Mayfield Independent School District is to provide an excellent education for all students by offering high quality and technologically superior programs, to empower visionary leadership and to wisely manage resources in alliance with the individual schools, community members and the home.

It shall be the policy of Mayfield Board of Education to place special emphasis on the quality of teaching in its schools.  To that end the Board will support a program of periodic evaluation of the performance of teaching personnel. The Board wishes to give primary consideration to the teaching of basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic.   

The Board believes that teachers should provide supervised study as an integral part of the regular school program.  Additionally, teachers shall encourage pupils in the independent exploration and study of matters related to class work.

The Board favors participation in federal programs or other externally sponsored programs which, in the judgment of the administrative staff, shall be beneficial to the total school program.  However, the Board believes that the local district should continue the high level of effort in support of the public schools which has been manifested by local initiative, involvement, and participation in effecting solutions to educational problems.

To provide instruction and develop competence in the basic skills of oral and written communication, mathematics, science and social studies while recognizing the individual's capabilities.

To develop desirable physical and mental attitudes and habits that foster individual and community health.

To nurture an intellectual appreciation and desire for lifelong learning.

To help each student acquire a positive attitude and a sense of self worth while recognizing and respecting others as individuals.

To help each student understand and honor the authority and responsibilities of family, school, community and government.

To encourage integrity in word and deed in both school and community.

To stimulate students to acquire intellectual, moral, and aesthetic values through the establishment and pursuit of goals.

To inform and involve parents and the community in the Mayfield Independent School System's objectives, curriculum, and activities.

To be receptive to the public's wishes, desires, and criticisms, assessing them and responding in accordance with the philosophy and policies of the Board.

To develop the ability to manage resources of time, money and environment so that the goals of the individual, the family and society may be attained.

To promote awareness of career and vocational opportunities.

To re-evaluate annually and revise when necessary our philosophy and objectives to insure the compliance with community, state and national educational objectives.

To provide adequate facilities, equipment and materials necessary to insure a comprehensive education within the confines of the budget.

To strive to develop in each student the desire and ability to solve problems and make decisions by thinking logically, examining constructively and expressing creatively.

 **Not in Priority Order** 
I.   Program/Curriculum 
      A.  1:1 Chromebook Grades 5th-12th
      B.  Character development curriculum 
      C.  Fulfill graduation requirements 
II.  Physical Plant and Transportation 
      A.   Major Renovation-MHS
      B.   Renovation-Bus Garage & Athletic Facilities