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Registration 2024-2025

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year must now be initiated by contacting Kelly Stinson at Mayfield Board of Education.  You can call 270-247-3868 to get in contact with her.
2024-2025 Kindergarten Students
If you have a student that will be starting Kindergarten during the 2024-2025 school year, we invite you to attend "Little Cardinal Night" at Mayfield Elementary School on April 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM, if your child is a girl and 6:00 PM if your child is a boy. There will be staff onsite to help you register your child at that time.
Existing/Returning Students (All Grades)

We will announce the date that registration will open for all students besides those entering kindergarten soon. Please check back often for details. The registration buttons to the right will only be activated when registration is open.


Important Information-Please read before beginning the registration process!

NEW this year: There are TWO parts to registration.  The first you will find under the “Online Registration” option in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  This will be the one that asks household information, collects emergency contact information, etc.  You will click “Submit” at the end of that section and then go back to the “More” option in the list on the Infinite Campus screen. The second part you will find under “Meal Benefits”. This is income information we have to collect to ensure we keep school meals affordable for all families! You are not fully enrolled until you have completed both sections.

It is a good idea to have information like addresses, phone numbers and birthdays of family members and emergency contacts handy when you start the process.  It will save you a lot of time. We ask for birthdays so that if we have two people with the same name we can more easily identify them.  We also use birthdays and other general information to confirm identity before allowing someone to pick students up from school with parent permission.

You can complete the registration on a phone, but it may be difficult, as the screen size will make it hard to see everything at once. We recommend a computer or tablet.

We recommend using Google Chrome

Parents/Guardians or their designee are the only people that can register a student. The person signing the documents is responsible for certifying they understand that what they are signing is legally binding and they are authorized to acknowledge that. Sharing your parent portal password is the same as giving someone permission to register your child for you; the only way they can access that data is with your password, so please keep that confidential.

When logging into Infinite Campus (IC), parents/guardians should pick the "Campus Parent" option when it appears.  Do not click "Campus Student", it will not work.

Once logged in to "Campus Parent", to find online registration in the parent portal, click on the word "More" on the left hand side of the screen.  Once you click "More", “Online Registration” will be one of the choices in the list that appears.  Click on that to begin the process. 

If the screens won't continue for you, look for errors noted in RED or YELLOW text.  It is probably needing more information, or information in a different format. Red typically means you  missed something completely and if you hover over the red error, it will explain it to you.  Yellow typically means the system needs MORE information.  If you hover over the yellow, it will explain what else is needed.

Download the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App!
Documents Referenced During the Online Registration Process 
Preschool/HeadStart Registration Open Now!
School Supplies
We will be providing all necessary school supplies for the 2024-2025 school year.  There is no need for students to bring any supplies with them.  Parents can still provide backpacks, if they so choose.  
2024-2025 School Calendar